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should I take this on holiday or not?
never worn it before?
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Posted on Oct 28th, 2013  
Tagged with #dress #me #self #myface #ignore the fat
  1. nanni-on-the-run-through-life reblogged this from recovery-and-happiness
  2. shxrds answered: I think you look great. Definitely bring it :)
  3. dont-you-dare-give-up-beautiful reblogged this from recovery-and-happiness
  4. foreverrsearching answered: I think you look amazing and you schould take it! :) but only if you feel good in it. That’s important! you look stunning Kate! xxx
  5. langelaloveyourself said: It looks great on you! Do it!
  6. the-strong-stranger reblogged this from recovery-and-happiness
  7. libertyforangels said: Take on holiday!
  8. keep-me-captivated answered: yes it looks lovely!!! (p.s. there is no fat)
  9. the-scaleis-justa-number answered: You look so damn sexy!! Wear it! You look stunning.
  10. recovery-and-happiness posted this